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FLS Client Testimonials

Self Esteem for the Adult: It's Never Too Late

"This is the best training we have ever had. I really liked his examples and presentation."

" What I liked was the way George helped me to feel good about me."

"George is very interesting and talks with emotion."

How to Empower Yourself Through Communication Instead of Expectation

"The best workshop I have ever been in. Very well presented."

"This workshop changed my outlook on life's happenings and this will improve my life."

"This is the best workshop I have ever been at. What a great motivational speaker George is."

Self Esteem for the Adult: It's Never Too Late

"The speaker (George) was very honest and approachable. He was easy to connect with and relate to."

"You are a very nice person, you make loving myself very easy."

"I like George's personality. He is very uplifting and keeps me interested because he makes it fun."

More testimonials:

“Over the last four years, I have had the opportunity to participate in many of the workshops offered by George Harris. He is a very gifted teacher and speaker and I have received much information that was of great use to me...

The school has requested that he return for another class this year. I would recommend Mr. Harris to anyone seeking the information he has to offer.”

— Stacy Johnston

“I have known Mr. Harris for six years where as part of the Desert High Conferences, he led workshops on various topics...

He spoke two nights and I was impressed with not only his qualifications, but his ability to hold a crowd in the palm of his hand...

From my experience with Mr. Harris, he is professional, punctual, (and) prepared... I highly recommend him to anyone.”

— Karen Hensley Ford

“George Harris is insightful and gets to the heart of the matter. I have found his knowledge valuable and helpful in improving the quality of my life.”

— Robert Carpenter

“Using Mr. Harris's example on fears and wants has helped me and my co-workers to be more effective in communication.”

— Cuddles Child Care

“...since attending his workshop I am really trying hard not to put things off any more and live and plan for today. I bring speakers in to help my clients with life skills but I'm happy to say that I also benefit from these seminars. My husband and kids have noticed my new outlook. Many thanks to Mr. Harris for sharing this knowledge and new persepective wih me.”

— Lisa Herrera FSS Coordinator

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of our special introductory 10% discount on a workshop, course or e-mail/phone consultation!


Take advantage

of our special introductory 10% discount on a workshop, course or e-mail/phone consultation!

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