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Family Life With Caring, Cooperation and Communication

Have you been frustrated with your family relationships? Do your attempts to resolve conflict frequently fail, despite your best efforts?

Are you having difficulties with parenting? Have you felt a certain sense of isolation, a feeling that other parents have it much more “together” than you do?

At a Family Living System workshop, you will have the opportunity to openly discuss your frustrations. You will discover how non-productive patterns of behavior interfere with the joy and cooperation you desire in your family, and how to develop positive, healthy interactions.

You will have an opportunity to listen to other parents' similar problems, and to discover that most parents struggle just as you do. You will gain some proven tools and techniques to help you feel stronger about your role as a parent, and to take charge in a way that empowers everyone.

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Family Services

Workshops: 2 - 4 hours

Acknowledging and Dealing with Children's Fears

Back to School: Staying Involved

Becoming a More Effective Parent

Effective Discipline Techniques

Empower Yourself: Communicate Instead of Expect

Keeping Your Cool With Your Kids

Leadership: Vision Into Action for Families

Resolving Defiance in Children

Self-Esteem for Parents (importance of self-acceptance)

Step-Parenting: How to Make it Work

Success Without Fear: Being a Winner in Your Life

The Teenage Years: They Can Be Easy!


Emotional Trigger Points Workshop - Fri eve, Sat & Sun days

Developmental Assets (40 assets for every child) - 3 sessions @ 4 hrs. ea.

Family Involvement for Student Success - 6 weeks @ 1 1/2 hrs. eve

Parenting/Step-Parenting Series I, II, III - 6 weeks @ 1 1/2 hrs. eve

Personal Development Program - 3-6 month series

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Techniques for Transformation

Learn about the many techniques Family Living Services uses to help you achieve transformative change.




"We learned techniques to help better structure our family and to work together in unity. We also learned how to listen better to our kids and to each other. Thank You!!!"

— Julie Morrell, Parenting Course


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