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You Can Transform Your Relationships!

Here are some questions that you may want to ask yourself about your relationships. Answer these as true or false by choosing the one that fits for you:

We all desire relationships that are loving, supportive and fully empowering for us. But sometimes we carry around the belief that we'll never have one, or that it just won't work for us. Or we just resign ourselves to settling for whatever we have, out of fear that it won't get any better, or because we don't want to be alone.

From Upset to Satisfaction

The difficulties you may experience in the various relationships in your life have more in common than you might think. In fact they are intricately linked, because you are the common denominator in all of your relationships.

When you begin to see your relationship with yourself as the root cause—the central moving force—of all your other relationship dynamics, you are ready to take conscious steps toward transformation.

Early childhood represents your primary relationships education. Because of this, you will tend to duplicate the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of the dominant adults in your childhood environment. Therefore, anything unresolved in your relationship with your parents will come up in your other relationships—especially your primary relationships.

The most positive and powerful changes in your relationships will happen when you clear out these unresolved issues and establish a positive and loving "self-relationship."

Family Living System techniques will help take you from no trust to intimacy, from arguing to effective communication, from anger to joy, and from the brink of divorce to commitment.

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