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Teaching With Passion

Do you find yourself wondering why you got into teaching, or whether you should leave because you have to work two jobs to get by? Are you frustrated and stressed by the demands placed on you by students, parents and school administrators? Are there other fears or concerns that stop you from being the happy, enthusiastic teacher that you want to be?

A Family Living System workshop will help you to openly discuss your frustrations, along with other teachers. You will discover what your true wants are, and what steps you can take to make them realized. You will have an opportunity to discover your own unproductive patterns of behavior that interfere with your wants, and you'll learn numerous tools and techniques to help bring more joy, peace and ease to the classroom.

Teachers Services

Workshops: 2-4 hours

Building Respect in the Workplace

Controlling Stress Before It Controls You

Creating a Management Team

Effective Discipline Techniques

Empower Yourself: Communicate Instead of Expect

Everyone's Upset: What Do We Do Now

Improved Communication with Parents Through Partnerships

Keeping Your Cool with Your Kids

Leadership: Vision into Action

Managing What Makes You Mad

Redefining Workplace Behavior

Resolving Conflict: A Growth Opportunity

Self-Esteem for the Adult: It's Never Too Late

Success Without Fear: Being a Winner in Your Life

Taking Charge of Your Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

Time Management: Making More for You

Talks: 1 - 1 1/2 hours

Aspects of Leadership

Building More Self-Esteem

Communicating with Children and Co-workers

Creating Joy in the Workplace

Health, Stress and Happiness

Management: Creating a Team

Respect in the Workplace

Success Without Fear

Teachers Are Important People

Time Management

Treating Each Other as Divine Beings


Button Game Workshop (learn your trigger points) - Fri eve, Sat & Sun days

Criteria for a Respectful Workplace I, II, III - 6 hr sessions

Developmental Assets (40 assets for each child) - 3 sessions @ 2 hrs ea.

Personal Development Program - 3-6 month series

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"George has a way of drawing people out, helping them. I learned tools to have better relationships with my co-workers and the children."

— Kathryn Velasquez,
Whittier Elementary


Take advantage

of our special introductory 10% discount on a workshop or course!

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