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About "Family" and "Relationships"

Family is primarily defined as the couple or individual who have children, and secondarily as those who are members of a common ancestry.

But the third and more relevant definition is: a harmonious group bound together by a common interest. This includes businesses, community organizations, churches, and other groups where people work together with a common goal.

Relationship Problems: Finding the Connections

The problems and issues that arise in the many different families and relationships in our lives are intricately linked in ways that may not seem so obvious.

Problems that arise in our romantic relationships, for example, often crop up in the workplace as well. This is usually because they have their roots in unresolved issues from the past, often originating in childhood.

Realizing the connections between the dynamics of our different relationships can lead us to transformative change. By gaining a clearer insight into nonproductive interactions, and learning healthier, more aware ways of relating, all "family" members can achieve:

  • More joy and happiness in their interactions
  • Higher self-image
  • More cooperative, trusting relationships
  • More balance and harmony in day-to-day family living
  • More effective communication

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