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FLS Techniques for Transformation

Family Living System offers many techniques to improve relationships

1. Affirmations: Positive statements that replace old negative beliefs.

2. Breath Integration: Learn new ways to channel energy with breathing.

3. Button Work: A process that allows you to pinpoint and control emotional trigger points, and teaches how to stop reacting to them.

4. Confrontation/Conflict Management: Learn how to transform conflict and confrontation into clear communication and cooperation.

5. Constructive Anger Release: Learn how to release the "attack thoughts" directed towards oneself and others.

6. Effective Communication Tools: Learn how to speak from the "power place" within oneself.

7. Feeling All Feelings: Anger, fear, sadness, guilt, and resentment are all addressed.

8. Relationship Modeling: Learn alternative ways to have life-long, sought-after relationships.

9. Contemplation: a technique to improve inner-direction, to solve problems, gain confidence, and reduce stress.

10. Speaking the Truth: Expressing one's heart, and techniques to improve this important skill.

11. Seven Steps to Wellness Methodology: Learn different attributes of health and how to change them to bring more joy and love into your life.

12. Body Work: Experience Reiki or Polarity Therapy to reduce old emotions, thoughts, and pent-up stress for more balance and well-being.

13. Prosperity Consciousness: Learn the steps to change who you are BEING in regard to money.

You and your specific relationship or family can benefit from Family Living System techniques by gaining the skills to:

Open up communication and enhance listening skills.

Instill confidence and self-awareness in all "family" members.

Avoid the Number One Pitfall found in all relationships.

Reduce conflict and increase cooperation.

Learn the four attributes of fear and how they hold you back.

Utilize effective methods that can empower everyone to get what they want.

Develop more caring and bonding relationships.

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