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Good Relationships Create Successful Businesses

In every business, there is an organizational culture made up of the thoughts and actions of the people who work there. In some businesses, everyone works well together; there is joy and partnership involved and everyone is working as a team to accomplish the goals of the organization. Everyone's wants are getting met.

In other businesses, co-workers don't get along. There is back-stabbing, unhealthy rivalry and gossip, which creates disharmony and an organizational culture based on FEAR. Therefore, nobody's wants are getting met.

Win-Win Team Relationships

Most business owners and managers are acutely aware of the importance of their customer relationships. But often less attention is given to the relationships between members of the business team. This critical aspect of business relationships affects productivity and profitability, and has an impact on customer relationships as well.

Your organization can profit from improved self-esteem, communication, cooperation, leadership and time management. These proven business tools and techniques help participants experience the most loving, joyful part of themselves, helping to maximize the unique talents and skills of each individual. This results in more cooperation, ease, joy and productivity at work, contributing to better working conditions and less turnover.

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FLS Business Services

Workshops: 2 - 4 hours

Building Respect in the Workplace

Controlling Stress Before It Controls You

Empower Yourself: Communicate Instead of Expect

How to Create Joy in the Workplace

Leadership: Vision Into Action

Managing What Makes You Mad

Organizing and Mediating

Redefining Workplace Behavior

Resolving Conflict: A Growth Opportunity

Self-Esteem for the Adult: It's Never Too Late

Taking Charge of Your Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

Time Management: Making More for You


Speak Your Way to Success: 4 weeks @ 2 hours each

Criteria for a Respectful Workplace I, II, III:
6-hour sessions

Developmental Assets Training (developed by Search Institute): 3 sessions @ 2 hours each

Emotional Trigger Points Workshop: 15-16 hrs.

Personal Development Program: 3-6 month series

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Businesses, government agencies and non-profits will improve team relationships with FLS services.

“Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation you did on 'Dare to Be Great!' Your comments were very thought provoking.”

- Joseph Sanchez
Head to Toe Conference


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of our special introductory 10% discount on a workshop or course!

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